Telematics infrastructure for tracking and safe driving apps

We have created a proprietary platform for developers and business owners to capture, process, and analyze driving data. Our mobile SDK powers telematics inside mobile apps for drivers and car lovers. It turns any smartphone into a powerful telematics device. No telematics device is required.
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Hundreds of businesses at any single scale – from startups to large companies use our services for tracking and safe driving apps

Collect over


Location points every month

Process data from



Record over


Trips every month

Empower every mobile app with advanced tracking solutions and powerful insights

Telematics platform
We accurately detect the start and end points of each trip and create a trip log with overall information about location history, statistics but also a detailed analysis including trip events and waypoints

A fully integrated suite of mobile telematics

Telematics SDK

The SDK for native and cross-platform apps to capture smartphone sensor data, pre-processes, and interprets it into an accurate telematics dataset.

Telematics platform

The platform processes, enriches, and analyzes telematics data. The flexibility of the platform enables you to pick those steps that are required for your product.

API Services

The API services enable you to manage products, access telematics data, and consume all our services and insights.

Open-source app

The source code of our demo app is available for any developer. Regardless of whether you grab the whole app or some features only, it will be free for you.

Self-service portal

Open architecture and easy to integrate SDK and API services

We have created it for developers. Follow the simple guideline and get Telematics SDK installed. The SDK works as a Behaviour tracker as well as a real-time GPS tracker.

We reduce time to market from a couple of years to a day and reduce R&D and development cost on creating tracking and safe driving apps by 90%

Tools for developers

Clean code, SDK, frameworks, and demo apps for multi-languages

Prebuilt integrations

Use existing integrations with fleet platforms, policy systems, and more.

How to start with
mobile telematics

Create your company account

Add the Telematics SDK to your app

Setup SDK login and API Authentication

The full access to data at any stage of the data management cycle

Availaible data



Data export

Customers can enjoy our data export service. We support a back-end integration via AWS SNS service or Azure notification services

User interfaces

It is easy to work with our data. The following options are available for our clients:
> Datahub
> BI tools
> Any 3rd party platform

Still have questions? 

We are glad to assist you in launching telematics app. Please grab the time slot that works best for you.